First Experience

We already are one week on the road or is it only one week? Time is flying. We start to be used to our daily routine: get up, shower, wrap up, have breakfast, hop on the bike and pedal for some hours before looking for a hotel and a place for dinner.

Even we have not done a lot of training this year, we get ahead surprisingly.  We have already quite some altitude difference behind us, first experiences with steep slopes where we had to push our bikes (more than 40kg). Except from some muscle ache in the thigh and heavy legs we feel surprisingly well.

The first leg along the Donau is impressive, it looks more like a creek, the landscape looks wild. The Donau infiltration cannot be seen, as there is too much water. We can see many trees that have been worn by beavers. First signs of spring can be seen; the ground in the forest is sometimes fully covered with snowdrops. Many birds, ducks, swans and storks are nesting.

Before reaching Ulm for the first time we have been in trouble to find a Hotel room. In Erbach about 20km ahead of Ulm we have seen a nicely renovated country guesthouse. How big was the surprise to find out it was fully booked! As we are travelling before the tourist season starts, we assumed that hardly no one is on the road. We did not expect the industry to occupy all the hotel rooms… After 111km we finally found a noisy hotel directly at the central railway station of Ulm.

The next day we experienced the first time the noise that no biker likes: “Pfff”…… Lets see what comes next.    

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