We are in Austria

We left Germany March 22 und continue our trip in Austria.


What were the highlights travelling in Germany? It was the perfect nature, the beginning of the Donau, still being a little river, a beautiful path along the Donau with hardly any people - it is said that beginning of May it will be crowded- lovely and characteristic cities and villages with huge places in the centre, churches, castles wherever you look, the Dome of Passau with its organ (unfortunately the evening concerts will only start in May, we are too early), real Bavarian dishes which Markus definitely loves, nice places to stay, first experience with rain and long distances …it was not as bad as we had assumed! About our lowlights we will tell some other timeJ

Marie-Claire and I are used to work as a team: at our arrival or departure I’m responsible for the bikes, Marie-Claire takes care of the luggage. This gives her the chance to do some more exercise and to strengthen her arm muscles!


But if it comes to directions and routing we definitely have room for improvement! We often have different opinions about which way to go, which path to take or whether we should turn left or right. I rely on the maps that I have downloaded on my handy, whereas Marie-Claire is still old-fashioned and believes in her paper maps and the signs she sees! It can happen, that I turn right and Marie-Claire turns left. Nevertheless, until now we always arrived where we had planned, sometimes ending up with riding some additional kilometres. But who cares about a few additional kilometres when we talk about thousands that are ahead of us! 

Yesterday’s start is Austria was demanding.  We expected a rainy day, as the whether forecast had predicted. The day didn’t look grey, it was more a brownish day; the Donau was brown, the forest is still brown, the fields haven’t become green yet. And many restaurants and accommodations are still closed; the season only starts in May! So we did all the way from Passau to Linz (115km), 15 too much because one of the ferries was not in service yet also the sign showed differently. It is like playing one of the games  - back to square one!

We rewarded ourselves in Linz with a lovely accommodation and a wonderful dinner with Secco and Wine! And of course we bought one of the famous original Linzer cakes, which we had for lunch today. Just wonderful!

We needed this peace of cake today to cheer us up, asking ourselves what is worse: riding a bike in the rain with backwinds or with fog and headwinds. We both agree: fog with headwinds!

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