Serbia / Croatia

It’s time to continue our blog; otherwise we forget what happened during our trip. There are that many impressions. The last days we have been biking between the two countries Croatia and Serbia, depending on which side of the river we found accommodation. Unfortunately we have not kept track on how many times we already have crossed the Donau. Meanwhile it takes time to cross the river as it gets wider and wider. Additionally, moving between the countries Croatia and Serbia it also means that each time we have to cross the boarder. We have to queue with all cars, get our ID ready and follow the stop and go like the others…with the exception, that for us it means muscle work. When we left Switzerland we have considered using EUR mainly, as most countries are in the EU. We didn’t think of the Croation Kuna, the Serbian Dinar. Meanwhile we got used to change the currency with the country. Before leaving Croatia for the last time we spent our last Kuna’s buying cookies, Müeslibar and Mineral water, as we used to do when being children, using the money for sweets.


The countryside here is very flat and used for agricultural farming, wine and apple plantations. From time to time you find big hog feedings and herds of sheep. In general the area is poor, many of the houses look deserted or would need some restoration, the roads are in terrible conditions, but it is understandable, when we consider that the war took place only a bit more than 20 years ago. The town Vukovar was impressing and depressing at the same time, we could still find many houses with holes from the gunshots of the war. One of the first battles of the Croatian war was fought here. The old water tower is a memorial to remember that such a war should not happen again.

Still it was amazing how the town was rebuilt and renovated. We have spent the night in a nice apartment and had an excellent Diner in the Donau Garten Restaurant. The hospitality was excellent.

The last two days we had to fight different biking conditions as we had strong wind. Coming from the back it was like riding an E-bike, with hardly any effort running 30km/h. When the wind came from the side it was hard work, especially with the strong gusts it was not easy to stay on track.

On Friday we have spent a lot of time on the main road. The EU paid the money for the famous bike trail to the black sea, but so far the road was only partially built.  As the main roads are not too wide and full with wholes, the one riding in the front was looking to get a good line and the one in the back was warning when a truck was passing so we could keep the line when the strong side vent came.

We made it and arrived safely in Novi Sad. The sight seeing tour was short, it was cold and it started to rain. Still the pedestrian area with the many street cafes and the nice renovated buildings and the many people gave an impression how it could be on a nice evening. Opposite of the Hotel we stayed was an old Synagogue. I asked a guy that was unloading a car how we could get in to have a look at it. He answered: “You need to be musician to have access! We give a concert with two acoustical guitars tonight and are getting ready for it; just follow me!”

We had a nice dinner and went to the Concert of the guy in the evening. Tomorrow we have 96km in front of us to reach Belgrade.    

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