We really made the 96km to Belgrad. It included some hills, wind from the back and longer periods on main roads with a lot of traffic. The day was mainly sunny, but a rain shower was included. We spent most of the day in the countryside, we hardly ever saw the Donau. Arriving in Belgrad we had to cross the river Sava that joins the Donau in Belgrad.  As usual we had planned to follow the official bike signs into town when we realized that on the bridge we wanted to cross we would have to join into a students demonstration against the president Vucic. We decided for a deviation. Thanks to Google Maps we managed to find our hotel. The conventional orientation is not that easy in Serbia as we are not yet fluent with the Cyrillic alphabet.


On short notice with have decided to stay an extra day in Belgrade to relax, we thought to deserve it after 1991km. The huge apartment we rented had even space for the storage of our bikes.

We explored Belgrade walking (for a change not biking). The Hop on Hop off bus will only be circulating starting in May.

The town is very lively, it is apparently the biggest party town in Europe. You can find cafes and bars at any corner of the city. And if you think they are empty, you definitely are wrong!  


In many traditional restaurants you can listen to the traditional live music. The locals do not hesitate to join in and sing with the musicians. Hospitality, food, local wine all was very good.

The two days in Belgrade passed by very quickly, we enjoyed hanging around, reading and planning the next week. It was the first time that we planned the whole week in advance, especially where we wanted to stay over night. The area after Belgrade does not have too many opportunities to spend the night and the camping we want to wait until it gets warmer.

When we left Belgrade direction Kovin we had to admit that we started to miss the biking… are we already addicted?

On the way out of Belgrade we had to cross the Donau; arriving on the other side of the bridge we were in a completely different world; nature pure, no noise, not traffic. Unfortunately we did not manage to make pictures of the tremendous nature; we are not skilled enough and are also not professional photographers yet, but we will never forget these views. We followed the Donau Dam on a bumpy trail over 30km, the scenery we found compensated us for the effort. At the end we just made it to the hotel in Kovin before it started to rain. 



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    Lars (Sonntag, 16 April 2017 08:32)

    Hi Markus & Marie-Claire,

    It is great reading to follow the blog! The pictures too are great and it feels a bit like being on the road with you. Looking forward to the next update, bike safely!