2nd part Serbia

The last 4 days we passed Vinci, Donji Milanovac, Kladovo and to Negotin. Once more the landescape  varied a lot. We left Kovin earlier than usual, as we had to reach the ferry  in Palanka at 1300 and we did not know the condition of the trail to there.

We have been faster than expected and had to wait for two hours, reading the newspaper and answering some mails. We could hardly enjoy the nice weather as a cold wind was blowing. 

Finally we made it to the other side. With the crossing of the Donau we have also decided to continue our trail on the Serbian side and to look at Romania from far; there are hardly any bridges and the ferries are not all working yet. In Vinci we stayed in a B&B, located in the middle of the forest, that reminded us of Hansel and Gretel. The dinner was very local: chicken soup, a bowl of cabbage salad,

meat from the barbeque, roasted potatoes and crepe for dessert. It was delicious! After eating we had an early night. As the house was not heated it took a while to warm up the bed. In the morning we got compensated with a perfect breakfast.

The next stop was in Dinji Milanovac. We stayed in a hotel, built  on the best site, overlooking the Donau. It was a huge building from the 80'ies, on the home page they had even an advertisement for welleness & spa. But where are the people to fill a hotel of this size? We have been among very few guests and felt a bit lost. The room was ok. Next morning we have been served by a waiter wiearing a black suite, which was a bit stained. We had the impression that guests are an infamous evil for him;  having a wish like a second coffee made it even worse. It was like in the movies..

The next highlight was the "iron door", the Donau  narrows down to 150m with a depth of 80m in the Djerdap gorge.To get around it we had to bycicle the first pass: 277m asl. From there we had a nice view.The same day we tried the autotimer of our camerafor the first time; without access to the manual it was a real challenge. 

Travelling on the Serbian side of the Donau was a good decision, on the romanian side there was a highway with many lanes and a lot of traffic. Arriving in Kladovo we managed to get the last room og a good hotel. It had its price as we could hear the noise of the ventilation during the whole night. Sleeping is difficult anyway; even after 5 weeks I am not yet used to sleep every night in a different bed, so I start the day still being tired. Markus feels simila. And taking into account that Markus is snoring on top of that, doesn' make it any better for me...

The ride to Negotin was very relaxing, people waved and greeted. Many times we could hear the words "welcome in Serbia". We spent the evening befor Easter in Negotin. We were not successfull in finding a good restaurant;  we ate a pizza and had some wine. I know already now: after our journey I am resisting to eat chicken and pizza for a while.

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