Burgas - Turkey

The visit at the dentist was short, Marie-Claire is happy to be able to use her incisor without being afraid again. We spend the unexpected day off in Burgas relaxing, as we know that the next day is going to be a long and exhausting day. We would have preferred to follow the coast to Turkey, but there is no street passing the boarder, it is a dead end. The only possibility to cross the boarder is at Malko Tarnovo in the hills. The road leads over several hills along a national park, all is n the green and there are hardly any villages. We have our first “mountain” training, riding 954m up and 83 km. That is not really a lot without luggage! But with our weight it is different. Anyhow, we made it! The training of the last weeks paid out. We arrived in a Motel 6km from the Turkish border. We were surprised about the size of the building and the pool in such a remote location, who wants to stay here? Later we did hear that the recently elected Vicepresident had bought and renovated it some years ago. Mainly military staff checking the border uses the hotel. Sounds like a conflict of interests…


The next morning starts with an ascent to the türkish border. The crossing of the boarder works without complication. We are in Turkey..what a feeling, we did it….


We started the ride in Turkey on a 4 lane highway without any traffic. We enjoy this luxury. In the first village we have our first çay and ayran (tea and yoghurtdrink). In the early afternoon we arrive in Kirklareli. The difference toBulgaria is huge, there is a lot of life in the streets, endless shops, restaurants, cafes side by side. It’s nice to stroll and enjoy the new impressions of this country. We had a real Turkish dinner with many appetizers and a lot of vegetables (mainly for Marie-Claire) and as well meat for Markus. So we are both happy. When we paid the bill we even got offered an extra çay, a nice gesture.


From Kirklareli we bike to Saray, where we stay overnight and then continue to Silivri at the Marmara sea. On the way we meet an American on a special high bike (see pictures). We chat and exchange experiences; hereby we hear of two French guys a couple of km in front of us. Surprisingly we met them next day.


For the route to Silivri we selected some minor roads and avoided the main roads to escape the heavy traffic. What is not mentioned neither in our paper map nor in google map was the concrete factory on the way. All these heavy loaded trucks are passing us!😉 Today we are happy when the road goes up, so the trucks are forced to go slower. Finally we make it to Silivri at the Marmara sea. We enjoy the dinner with a sunset.    

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