Daily stress with clothing

It is definitely not what you are thinking of; we don’t have much clothes with us, but it is enough for what we are doing.

Our “evening outfit” is always the same. Markus is wearing his black trousers and either his green-black shirt or his red-white plaid shirt. I wear my black trousers with either a black or a white polo shirt. Whenever it is cold, which until now has usually been the case, we put on our down jacket to keep us warm. 

It is much more difficult to find out, which bike clothing we should wear. One of the first questions after waking up in the morning is: “ What are you going to wear today?” The answer usually is: “I don’t really know…”. Next thing we do is looking out of the window to get a first sight of the weather. Then we check the weather forecast, which of course we already had checked the evening before, but who knows, it might have changed in between! Then the discussion starts. Shall we put the short bike pants on and on top the long pants together with the bike shorts or would the ¾ bike pants be warm enough together with the bike shorts? Or will it even be warm enough to wear the short bike pants together with the bike shorts? And which shirt would be the perfect fit for today’s weather? The short sleeve Odlo shirt with bike shirt and on top the wind stopper jacket or would it be better without windstopper jacket? We could also decide for the windstopper jacket but without sleeves. But perhaps we could do without windstopper jacket and therefore wear the bike shirt with long sleeves. That would definitely be the the better choice going uphill, as we will be sweating. Last but not least: the choice of the socks! Shall it be the arm ski socks or the normal bike socks. If it is really cold, we could also put on the special gear for shoes for rainy days.

Somehow we take a decision, although it is rather demanding early in the morning. We start biking. It might take 10 minutes, sometimes an hour or two until one of us asks the other: “Are you warm enough? Or: aren’t you too warm? So we stop, put something on or take something off and continue our ride. And if it starts raining, what lately has been the case many times, we have to stop again to out on our raingear. As a consequence and depending on the temperature, we have to take off a shirt, eventually also the bike short, otherwise we would get too warm…. and this keeps us busy all day😂😊

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