Amasya - Niksar

We leave Amasya, our legs having sore muscels from climbing the stair up to the Zitadelle and the Rock cut tombs the day before. Who would have thought that sight seeing could be that exhausting.

On our way to Turhal we decided to have a lock at the first caravanserai. We thought that riding some extra kilometers would be worthwile. We followed the signs only to find out that it was closed. What a pity! The pics in the travel guide looked really nice.


Turhal was nothing special. On top it was raining and cold. We spent the rest of the day in the Hotel reading although we are not yet used that there is no attraction to look at. It feels akwart just to hang around and do nothing.


The next town was Tokat located on the river like Amasya. It is surrounded by mountains with a Citadelle, has a carvanserai, nice hamams, small streets and Conas. At the beginning of the 20th century the caravan trade decreased and the town lost its importance. There are hardly any tourists around. Nevertheless, the short sight seeing tour was worthwile. In the evening there was a big concert of car horns and a parade of fans to celebrate the soccer Champion ship of Besiktas.


Monday the 29th we had a short trip of 400m uphill and 50km distance. We used the nice day to take a nap in a forest glade. Just before we arrived in Niksar we could hear a loud hello, people waving towards us. It was a group of 5 people, bikers like us. All of them are from Catalunia in Spain. One couple was on the way from India back to Barcelona and 3 guys are heading to Peking. We spent a good time together chatting, eating and exchanging experiences. Before we separated again, the foto session was of course a must!


The first 3 days of the Ramadan no more cay was offered during the day and in the evening the restaurants were quite empty. ITherefore, when going out for dinner in Niksar we were very surprised when we came to a restaurant that was crouded. We got the last table. We were even more surprised that already 15 minutes later we were sitting all alone. In the meantime we found out how it works: after sunset is announced with a big bang all people start eating very fast and once they have finished their meal, which takes about 15 minutes, they leave the restaurant at once and have a tea outside, have a someke and chat.

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