100 days travelling

Up front: we would definitely start the trip again.


Some facts:


-       100 days travelling (meanwhile 102)

-       100/24 togetherness

-       Travelled in 9 countries

-       78 overnight stay in hotels

-       2 times sleeping in the tent

-       Minimum 50 times wash clothing by hand ( Markus is a pro in setting up washing  


-       Summer clothing hardly used

-       Biked 5938 km

-       Ascended 31’960 m

-       Crossed 5 passes higher than 2000 m asl (lower one’s we do not count)

-       Used to ride feverything from the track up to the 10 lanes high way

         Our preference: 4-lanes high way, normally they have an emergency lane for us.

-       1 drop from Markus with some abrasion on the elbow

-       No bike defects (the flat tire after 350km repaired itself thanks to seal liquid

-       Kuaför (Coiffeur) visit: Markus 2x, once with shaving, Marie-Claire 1x, where as the

        hair cut of Markus was definitely better than mine

-       Some kilos lost on weight

-       Alcolhol consumption very rare (unwanted)

-       Min. 500l still water drank

-       Hardly any medical used

-       High consumption of voltaren lotion (shoulder, neck)

-       Awesome and wonderful landscapes

-      Experienced warmth of people extremely often, excellent contacts   


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