We stay in a small family hotel in the Russian quarter of Samarkand. In the courtyard there is a small pool and a huge pear tree. We enjoy the possibility to sit in the garden and drink tea or a glass of wine.


In the late afternoon, after we have relaxed a bit, we start to explore Samarkand. The distances are much longer than in Buchara. First we visit the Amir-Timur Mausoleum. We already can see the blue cupolas from far away shining in the nice evening light. The poet Alisher Navoi shall have said: “the cupola of Gur Emir is like the eternal heavenly vault, the whole earth is reflected in it”. In the inner part we are surprised about the nice blue tiles, the marble and the golden paintings. We arrive in another world. Fortunately we have planned to stay some time in Samarkand, like this we have enough time to look at all the beauties. We plan to visit the Registan with its Medrese, Bibi-Chanum Mosque and the Mausoleum and the Gravetown Schah-I Sinda during the next 2 days. We are overwhelmed again, from time to time we look for a place in the shade, I read the historical background about the sights and we digest the impressions. It is just beautiful!


Besides us there are many local ubekistan tourists: The ladies are presenting their traditional coloured clothes with the fitting scarf and jewlery, when they laugh quite often their golden theeth can be seen. They love to be pictured there is no shy. Many wedding couples use the beauty of the medrese to make nice pictures. Ceramic, pictures and silkproducts can be bought in the small shops around. I bought as well a silk scarf even I have to carry it with me.

For the Diner we select usually nice restaurants and enjoy the usbekian meals. Even we got the addresses for these restaurants mostly from trip advisor or google, we meet mostly Usbekian guests there. Often they play live music and the ladies dance their traditional dances.

From the small girl that moves already perfectly well with the music up to grand ma -  all are on the dance floor and enjoy themselves. I was asked to dance with them what I happily accept. These nice evenings remain in memory.


After visiting all the well known sights we also strall through the Russian Quarter and some parks. The town is very green and the parks are well maintained. Basilikum is here used as decoration plant that grows really tall and smells allover.


The days are passing by very quickly, we have to get ready for biking again and buy food, water and gigabytes for the next etap. Bye bye Samarkand.

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