Funding for ASRA

We are well aware that we are privileged to do a journey like this. Therefore, we would like to use this trip to raise some money for individuals in India who never will have the chance to do a thing like that in their life. 

And this is the idea: whoever wants to participate can donate a defined amount per km that we ride with the bike (planned 9800 km), e.g. CHF 0.01 per km. The organisation we want to support with the collected money is and .


If you are interested in participating in the funding, please send us an E-mail, informing us about how much you intend to spend per km. At the end of part I of our trip, presumably end of October 2017, we will inform you about the distance we finally biked. You will also receive the banking details of the organisation to be able to transfer the money directly to the organization.