A Dream comes true

It all started about 20 years ago. During our one and a half year trip around the world we spent 3 months thereof biking through Venezuela with our tandem. This unique experience to be on the road with the bicycle, to be close to flora and fauna and to be in contact with local people in remote areas, where one never would stop travelling by car or bus, was formative for us. We also realised that we don't need much to be happy, the only thing you need is health and some willpower.


The routine came back faster than we thought while working again, we didn't have much time for adventures anymore. Nevertheless I, Marie-Claire, started to dream of going for another exciting bike-tour sometime in the future. The Silk road seemed to be a perfect fit: it is a track with a lot of history in many different countries, cultures and fascinating landscapes. I had some pictures and imaginations in mind and every once in a while I read a book. I never went deeper into it, how a trip like this would look like, it was just a dream.


Now this dream shall come true! Markus is in early retirement and I have taken a sabbatical for an undefined time period. For us it is the perfect timing to start our project "Silk road". On Marche 12, 2017 we are leaving home and start our tour towards China.


Two quotes will lead us:


"The path is the goal"  Konfuzius


"Travelling is one of the most difficult arts. Actually one would have to persue it as main occupation"  Walter Nissen